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                Standard Product

                Custom Power Solutions

                Register Your Genset

                Online Parts Identification

                About us

                Product for Immediate delivery

                Designed with industrial users in mind, our 6.8 – 2,500 kVA diesel generator product range can cover an array of applications and offer a continuous, reliable and safe power supply whether it be for a backup power or prime power application.

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                Standard Product

                Customised Project Management With FG Wilson?

                The FG Wilson Power Solutions Team, alongside your local dealer,?offer excellent Project Management and can specify, design and install any power system, no matter how complex.

                Find out more on our Power Solutions capability
                Power Solutions

                Generator Set Registration

                We know that reliability and peace of mind matters to you.? That is why we have introduced a customer registration system, allowing you to register your generator set with FG Wilson.

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                Operator Manuals

                Search for Genuine Parts

                Search our library of parts specific to your generator set using your generator set serial number. All FG Wilson genuine parts are designed to ensure optimum performance with maximum efficiency.

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                Genuine Parts

                Who is FG Wilson?

                Learn about our brand, now with over 50 years in the power generation business we offer product from 6.8 - 2,500 kVA. All product being extensively tested and validated offering a high end generator set you can rely on.

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                Generator manufacturers UK

                Operator Manuals

                Our operator manuals provides comprehensive instructions and guidance on the starting, stopping and basic fault finding required for your generator set

                Find your FG Wilson Operator Manual
                Operator Manuals

                FG Wilson Protect
                Customer Service Agreement?

                FG Wilson?Protect?Customer Service Agreement allows you to bundle together the cost of parts and services upfront.

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                FG Wilson Protect Customer Service Agreement