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                Global Facilities

                Our manufacturing facilities are based in Europe, India, China and Brazil, which ensures we build our products close to our customers.?

                Every facility manufacturing our products operates to the same best in-class standards with common processes and management. All have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification of our manufacturing and environmental standards. This means that our products and services are safe, reliable and with world-class quality.?

                See below to learn more about our Global Facilities, Validation, Testing & Product Support.

                Global Facilities

                Product Validation

                Product Testing

                Product Support

                Global Expertise

                Every generator set manufactured in our global facilities are designed with our unrivalled engineering expertise coupled with our innovative production methods to deliver power systems with outstanding quality and reliability.

                Our continuous flow assembly process, optimises our production efficiencies and product quality by streamlining assembly and incorporating thorough testing at every stage of the build process.

                With company headquarters in Northern Ireland, we? have over 15,400 m2 of factory space with an area dedicated to the creation of Solutions products. Additional manufacturing facilities can also be found around the world in China, India and Brazil.

                FG Wilson Larne

                Engineering Centre of Excellence

                Our Engineering Centre of Excellence, provides world class validation and testing facilities and also houses Europe's largest fully automated hemi-anechoic chamber, providing state of the art acoustic research and test capabilities. ?Our Engineers conduct extensive prototype testing on all new product designs ensuring compliance to all legislative requirements. Typical product validation programmes include load acceptance, cooling, vibration, noise and water ingress tests.

                Hemi Aneocoic

                Witness Test

                With eleven witness test cells we provide witness and special test facilities enabling us to test our generator sets with resistive load capacity up to 12 mW and inductive load of 3 mVA. High voltage testing is offered up to 5 mVA at 13.8 kV to simulate conditions when generator sets are installed in the field. Furthermore, we provide testing that simulates the onsite installation of multiple generator sets running with their associated equipment. We also offer cooling system performance, control system, vibration, sound and fuel consumption checks.

                Tested by us, trusted by you.

                Witness test

                Support you throughout

                From installation to service and Genuine Parts support, FG Wilson in partnership with our dealers assist from the initial purchase, installation, running and maintenance of your diesel or gas generator set.

                FG Wilson is all about relationships - strong relationships with you our customers, with our dealer network, with our suppliers. FG Wilson will design, build and install to your individual power requirements. Through our superior parts and service support, we will also maximise the performance and extend the life span of your generator set.

                All FG Wilson products worldwide, are fully supported by the FG Wilson warranty programme and by your local FG Wilson dealer.

                Product Support

                FG Wilson Global Facilities

                Seismic Capability

                In many parts of the world, seismic certification is becoming a key?requirement for generator sets, especially when they are installed in large buildings or facilities in urban areas.

                Working together with our dealer, we achieved full IBC seismic certification across our 730 – 2500 kVA range at 50 Hz.

                View our P800E1 completing seismic testing
                Seismic Capability