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                FG Wilson has been in the business of power generation for over 50 years providing power 24/7 even in the most remote and harsh environments. Backed by our expert?local dealer support,?FG Wilson is the brand providers all over the world have been turning to for trusted and reliable remote power supply.?

                Our experience working with major operators, such as the telecoms industry, has led us to design?long running fuel tanks with added?security in mind. We have developed?a standard range of 600, 1,000 and?2,000 litre tanks, either single or double?walled. Everyone has different?needs and our expert engineers can?customise our products to meet your individual requirements.

                Through industry leading control systems offering remote?communication packages, we enable you?to monitor and control your equipment?from the office or while on the move. ?Many control panel packages now?feature smartphone apps that provide?access to individual generator set?parameters and generate notifications?of any issues on site. Advance?knowledge of an issue enables you?to delegate the appropriate resource,?saving wasted visits and ultimately, money.

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