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                P125-1 | 100 - 125 kVA Diesel Generator | Perkins Engine

                Features At A Glance

                FG Wilson Diesel Engine
                PowerWizard 1.1
                Design Criteria
                Single-Source Supplier
                World Wide Product Support

                Product Specifications for P125-1

                Generator Set Specifications

                Engine Specifications

                P125-1 Standard Equipment


                • 3-POLE circuit breaker
                • Fully adjustable electronic governor
                • Lube oil drain valve


                • 50% antifreeze (Protection to -36?C)
                • Engine-mounted fuel/water separator
                • Coolant Drain Valve


                • 8 Hr Fuel Tank


                • WEG
                • Engine-mounted battery charging alternator
                • IP21 Protection for alternator

                Control Panel

                • PowerWizard 1.1


                • Robust steel constructed base frame
                • Battery connection cables, tray and clamp

                P125-1 Optional Equipment


                • Industrial, Residential, Critical Silencers

                Control Panels

                • PowerWizard 1.1 Control Panel (PWT1.1+)
                • PowerWizard 2.1 Control Panel (PWT2.1)


                • Static battery charger
                • Battery


                • Remote fuel system connection
                • Electronic governor
                • Single point lift
                • Coolant heater
                • Combined stoneguard and transition flange
                • Low fuel level shutdown
                • Low and high fuel level alarms
                • Low coolant temperature alarm
                • Low coolant level shutdown

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