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                P660-5 | 600 - 660 kVA Diesel Generator | Perkins Engine

                Features At A Glance

                FG Wilson Diesel Engine
                PowerWizard 1.1+
                Design Criteria
                Single-Source Supplier
                World Wide Product Support

                Product Specifications for P660-5

                Generator Set Specifications

                Engine Specifications

                P660-5 Standard Equipment


                • Air Cleaner
                • Lube oil drain valve
                • Engine filled with lubrication oil
                • High Coolant Temperature Shutdown
                • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
                • Engine mounted battery charging alternator


                • Package mounted radiator
                • Radiator fan and charging alternator guards
                • Coolant Drain Valve
                • Cooling System filled with Coolant mix


                • Exhaust flange outlet
                • Exhaust bellows and gasket


                • 8 Hr Fuel Tank
                • BSP Fuel Sockets


                • WEG
                • SHUNT Excitation
                • IP21 Protection

                Control Panel

                • PowerWizard 1.1+


                • Robust steel constructed base frame
                • Base frame drag and lift points
                • Captive linear vibration isolators between base and engine-generator
                • Battery Tray and Cables

                P660-5 Optional Equipment


                • Industrial, Residential, Critical Silencers


                • Quadrature Droop Kit (AR6)
                • Anti-Condensation Heater and Panel Circuitry (AH1)
                • AREP / PMG excitation
                • AVR Upgrades
                • Three phase sensing
                • Oversize Alternator
                • Coastal ingress protection alternator

                Control Panels

                • PowerWizard 2.1
                • easYgen-2500


                • Heavy duty dry battery
                • Battery charger with auto boost


                • Upgrade to Standard Set for "CE" Certification
                • EEC Declaration of Conformity
                • Dual wall base tank (8 hrs)
                • Sound attenuated or High ambient enclosures
                • Battery isolator switch

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