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                Gas Product PG620B1 Gas Product Range

                Features At A Glance

                Our Gas Product Range
                Industry Leading Perkins Diesel Engine
                World Class Alternator
                Testing & Validation
                World Wide Product Support
                Baseload (continious) rating

                Product Specifications for PG620B1

                Generator Set Specifications

                Generator Set Specificiations

                Engine Specifications

                PG620B1 Standard Equipment


                • Air Cleaner
                • Engine filled with lubrication oil
                • Low Coolant Temperature Shutdown
                • Perkins 4000 Series 6 cylinder engine
                • Electronic governor
                • Engine mounted battery charging alternator

                Control Panels

                • PowerWizard 2.1


                • Leroy Somer
                • IP23 Protection

                PG620B1 Optional Equipment


                • Quadrature Droop Kit
                • Anti-Condensation Heater and Panel Circuitry
                • Increased alternator ingress protection
                • HV alternators
                • AREP Excitation

                Control Panels

                • easYgen-2500, 3200, 3500
                • ComAp
                • Deep Sea
                • Customer tailored PLC System
                • Remote monitoring
                • Increased Control Panel Ingress Protection


                • Dual and air starting systems


                • Upgrade to Standard Set for "CE" Certification
                • Sound attenuated enclosures
                • Spring, Seismic anti-vibration mounts
                • Customer witness test
                • Remote cooling
                • Coolant heater
                • 4-Pole circuit breaker
                • Motorised circuit breaker
                • LV and HV switchgear


                • Fuel transfer systems
                • Integral metal fuel tank

                See how PG620B1 compares against frequently compared products.