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                Rental Range PRO500-2 PRO Rental

                Features At A Glance

                The PRO Range
                FG Wilson Diesel Engine
                PowerWizard 2.1+
                Testing & Validation
                World Wide Product Support

                Product Specifications for PRO500-2

                Generator Set Specifications

                Engine Specifications

                PRO500-2 Standard Equipment


                • Air Cleaner
                • Lube oil drain valve
                • Engine filled with lubrication oil
                • High Coolant Temperature Shutdown
                • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown


                • Cooling package mounted radiator with high ambient capability
                • Coolant Drain Valve
                • 50% coolant antifreeze with corrosion inhibitor
                • Pusher fan with guards


                • Integrated spark arresting silencer with flexible connectors, in separate compartment


                • 1061 L double wall fuel tank, 11 hr runtime @ 75% prime rating
                • Auxiliary connections for customer supplied fuel transfer with 3 way fuel transfer system, internally mounted within the bunded area.


                • Leroy Somer
                • SHUNT Excitation
                • IP23 Protection

                Control Panel

                • PowerWizard 2.1+


                • Generator set soft mounted using captive vibration mounts
                • Heavy duty steel base frame contains integral fuel tank
                • Forklift pockets and heavy duty drag bar with skid plates
                • Battery Tray and Cables

                PRO500-2 Optional Equipment


                • 24V battery charger


                • CE labelling
                • Anti-condensation heater 230 VAC
                • Coolant heater 230 VAC
                • Earth Leakage
                • Lube oil sump pump

                Control Panel

                • Synchronising control panel and motorised breakers


                • Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)

                See how PRO500-2 compares against frequently compared products.