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                Protect Your Future

                FG Wilson Dealer Locator
                Customer Service Agreement

                FG Wilson Protect - Customer Service Agreement

                Generator sets from FG Wilson are built for long and efficient working lives, and their owners benefit from competitive operating costs. With an FG Wilson?Protect?Customer Service Agreement (CSA) from your local dealer you can be in complete control of costs right from the beginning.

                A Customer Service Agreement allows you to bundle together the cost of parts and services upfront.? You can work with your FG Wilson dealer to tailor a maintenance plan that specifically suits your needs, from a basic Preventative Maintenance plan to a comprehensive Total Maintenance and Repair plan and you can pre-schedule all your maintenance for a time that works for you.

                The benefits of a Customer Service Agreement are:

                • Flexibility, choose the level of maintenance that suits your business
                • Increased uptime - properly maintained generator sets run longer and better
                • Early warning, a CSA can minimise costs by finding and repairing before a major failure happens
                • Forward plan your maintenance schedule
                • Covers all parts for routine maintenance
                • Work carried out by FG Wilson authorised technicians, with latest technology and tools
                • Only genuine FG Wilson parts used for repairs

                With a Customer Service Agreement, you have more time to do what you do best, run your business.?

                Speak to your local?FG Wilson dealer?today about an FG Wilson?Protect?Customer Service Agreement – to save?TIME?and?MONEY!