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                Protect your future

                FG Wilson Dealer Locator
                Extended Service Cover

                FG Wilson Protect - Extended Service Cover

                Every FG Wilson generator set has been designed and tested in some of the most modern and well-equipped facilities in the world, and they leave our factories with a comprehensive warranty that reflects our confidence in their performance and durability.

                That is why we are pleased to introduce FG Wilson?Protect?Extended Service Cover, giving you the opportunity to extend the benefits of cover beyond the standard warranty period.




                The Extended Service Cover benefits to you are:-

                • Cost effective cover which protects your generator set for up to 5 years
                • Safeguard against unexpected repairs and associated costs
                • Work carried out by FG Wilson authorised technicians
                • Only genuine FG Wilson parts used for repairs?
                • No excess or deductible to pay?

                You can only get FG Wilson Protect Extended Service Cover until your standard warranty expires so contact your local?FG Wilson dealer?today!