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                Reliability and Peace of Mind

                Register Your Generator Set

                FG Wilson Generator Set Registration

                Register Your FG Wilson Generator Set

                We know that reliability and peace of mind matters to you. ?That is why we have introduced a customer registration system, allowing you to register your generator set?with FG Wilson.

                To register your generator set:

                • You will need your generator set serial number, which can be found on the product rating plate
                • Register your generator set by completing the registration form
                • Immediately after the registration, you will receive an email from FG Wilson thanking you for completing the registration form
                • Within 24 hours, you will receive another email confirming your product warranty registration has been validated (if applicable)
                • A further email will also be sent containing the link to the Customer Aftermarket Portal MY.FGWILSON.COM

                Register Your Generator Set?

                The Customer Aftermarket Portal?MY.FGWILSON.COM?will provide access to:

                • Your FG Wilson dealer information
                • Online parts identification
                • Aftermarket materials?
                • Knowledge articles
                • How to videos
                • Q&A documents?
                • Customer feedback
                FG Wilson Registration
                FG Wilson Registration

                For further information contact your FG Wilson dealer or visit MY.FGWILSON.COM