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                Keep your FG Wilson Generator working for longer!

                An overhaul of the engine fitted on your FG Wilson generator may only be needed once during its life, and it is not the easiest job to do.? However, there are significant advantages in overhauling the engine. It restores the engine performance to - or close to - the performance of a new engine.

                If you follow the recommended service schedules for your FG Wilson generator, it will give you thousands of hours of service, just like it is designed and built to do. But even with a good maintenance routine, at some point the engine may need to be overhauled.

                A generator set overhaul gives you greatly improved engine performance at a much lower cost than replacing the engine.


                Saving you money!

                An overhaul means you replace only the main parts of the engine and retain the core components – even with the labour time needed to do the work you will still save a considerable amount of money compared to replacing the engine.

                What parts are replaced during the overhaul depends on the areas where engine performance is less than it was. A generator set overhaul can typically involve boring out the cylinders, along with the installation of new piston rings, bearings and gaskets.??

                Giving you better economy!

                The engine overhaul restores engine compression, the efficiency of which means the engine will generate more power.? And because the engine is operating more efficiently you will have improved fuel economy.

                So not only do you make a savings by overhauling your engine rather than replacing it, you use less fuel to power your FG Wilson generator.


                FG Wilson offer a range of overhaul kits for the 400 kVA to 2500 kVA range of generators.?


                Major Overhaul Kits

                400 kVA to 750 kVA Range
                FG Wilson Generator Set Overhaul

                Overhaul Kits

                Find Out More
                Generator Set Overhaul

                Cylinder Kits

                Find Out More
                .Generator Set Overhaul


                By carrying out preventative maintenance, such as an overhaul, you can prolong the life of your generator, minimise the potential for downtime, leading to an increased return on your investment.

                FG Wilson dealers are trained to carry out engine overhauls, and they have access to the specifications, tools and parts needed to revitalise engine performance.?

                The FG Wilson Customer Aftermarket Portal?MY.FGWILSON.COM?provides access to?

                • Your FG Wilson dealer information
                • Online Parts Identification
                • Aftermarket materials?
                • Knowledge articles
                • How to videos
                • Q&A documents?
                • Customer feedback